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Frequently Asked Questions

How early should I book for my event?
Ideally, 3 weeks would be great,  so that we can ensure the availability of your character.

Can I have more than 1 character for the party?
Of course! Please email us at so that we can discuss further.

Do you offer Afterpay?
Unfortunately, we currently do not offer this service. We prefer direct bank transfer, or credit card payments through PayPal.

There are 10 kids at the party, but I would like to have the Enchanted Cottage (1 hour), is this still possible?
Yes, this is still possible. We suggest these numbers so that our performers can spend quality time with the children. Getting to know them, making conversation and taking photos can take up a significant amount of time. In this scenario, we could possibly do a shorter story.

Oh no, I need to change the venue of the party, is this ok?
Absolutely!  Please let us know ASAP so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Please note however that if the new event is 30 km outside of Hobart, this will incur a travelling fee.

Is it ok to have the party at an outdoor venue?
You sure can!  We kindly ask that you provide a picnic mat or something similar to protect our princess dresses and a shaded area for the children and princess to be comfortable.

We have to postpone the party due to illness, do you offer a refund?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a refund. We are happy to reschedule to another day at no extra cost.  Alternatively, we could give you a credit with us that is valid for 12 months. This credit could also be used as a gift voucher for someone else.

Covid-19 Regulations

Due to the current state of the COVID pandemic, we have made some small changes in our StoryBook Magic Kingdom. These are minor and will not affect our ability to bring magic to parties and enchanting events. We believe it’s important to be extra safe during this time to protect the families we visit, the border community and our team members.

What are are doing from our end:

Our Performers and Attendees have been double vaccinated and will not attend parties / events if unwell.

Our performer(s) and attendee(s) will sanitize their hands before entering the premises and throughout the party when necessary.

Our attendee(s) will be wearing a mask at ALL times.

Our performer(s) will be wearing a mask at all times, EXCEPT:
Storytime when the children are seated 1.5m away.
Individual photos where the children are seated 1.5 away (we would appreciate if parents could help monitor their children closely as well)

Our props will be sanitised appropriately before and after each party.

What can you do to assist us:

The CHECK-IN TAS APP needs to be used for any parties / events held in an indoor venue.

If it’s in a hired venue, it’s your responsibility to comply with the density limits.

If the event is held at your home, please have a contact list of everyone who’s attended.

We ask that you kindly suggest that if any child or adult is unwell, they should not attend the party.

If you or your guests are NOT vaccinated, we would appreciate it if they wear a mask during the duration of the event (indoor and outdoor events)

Anyone who has been identified as a COVID contact, who has been asked to isolate, or is feeling unwell will not be allowed to attend a StoryBook Magic event (including ones held at a private residence).

We appreciate your understanding in this challenging time and look forward to having a safe, magical event in Hobart.